VQF Approval Attained

We are thrilled to announce that the self-regulatory organisation, Quality Assurance of Financial Services (VQF), has approved our application to be a financial intermediary.

Officially authorised by FINMA, the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority, VQF is entrusted to oversee the compliance of financial intermediaries in Switzerland. VQF regulates compliance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulation, as well as with asset managers’ duty of trust and due diligence towards the customer, ensuring the highest investor protections.

With the acquisition of the license, BlockState will be able to implement blockchain-driven financial solutions in a compliant environment, fostering its position at the forefront of a new financial ecosystem.

What does the approval mean?

  1. Qualified investors can now safely and legally invest in our first crypto asset investment product, the CTF15.
  2. We can officially operate as an (digital) asset manager and thereby legally issue and sell asset management products.
  3. VQF will actively supervise our operations as they comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing laws.
  4. We are able to fulfil our mission to provide regulatory compliant financial products and build an infrastructure stack that bridges the traditional finance and crypto worlds.

After spending nearly one year building our asset management infrastructure, we are happy to launch our first crypto investment product that is ready to go to market. This clears the way to build book and make investments into the CTF15 available to our first, qualified investors.

The CTF15 is a regulated, transparent and accessible investment solution for qualified investors to gain exposure to the growth of the 15 largest crypto assets. Interested in more information? Email [email protected]


The key benefits of the CTF15.

BlockState, based in Zug (CH) and Berlin (DE), builds infrastructure products that reduce operational costs and streamline processes for financial institutions. By providing a technological and legal bridge between blockchain technology and financial markets, BlockState aims to create a more transparent, efficient and accessible financial ecosystem.

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