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What is Blockstate's mission?

BlockState’s mission is to make financial markets more cost-efficient, transparent and accessible for everyone who wishes to participate in the financial markets.

Why Blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology allows us to automate and circumvent a lot of the processes, technologies and intermediaries currently existing in the financial markets. Leveraging the inherent trust and automation features of Blockchain technology, we are creating a system that can function without the complexities and legacy technologies that were hitherto required to ensure enforcing of regulation and running of operations.

Which Blockchain is used?

BlockState employs the Ethereum Blockchain.

Will there be a Blockstate token?

No. A BlockState utility token or cryptocurrency is not planned.

What is CTF15?

The CTF15 is an index product tracking the largest 15 cryptocurrencies on the market, selected by market capitalisation. The CTF15 is fully compliant with all EU regulations and will be available for retail and institutional investors. More information about the CTF15 can be found on the product section on our homepage.

What are BlockState's bond and loan products?

BlockState’s bond and loan products are Blockchain-enabled infrastructure products for the bonds and loans markets. They make up a streamlined platform that enable improved issuing and settlement operations in the debt capital market, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for all parties involved.

What are the derivatives products?

BlockState’s derivatives products are Blockchain-enabled infrastructure products for the derivatives markets. They enable improved derivatives trading operations, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for all parties involved.

Where is Blockstate based?

Blockstate is headquartered in the “Crypto Valley” Zug in Switzerland and has a business site in Berlin.

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