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What's BlockState's mission?

It’s estimated that 54% of the world’s assets are not easily investable. BlockState’s end-to-end tokenisation and issuance platform frees up these assets for issuers and investors, changing financial markets for the better.

Why Blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology allows us to automate and circumvent a lot of the processes, technologies and intermediaries currently operating in financial markets. Leveraging the inherent trust and automation features of Blockchain technology, we are creating a system that can function without the complexities and legacy technologies that were previously required to enforce regulation and enable the smooth running of operations.

Which Blockchain is used?

BlockState employs the Ethereum Blockchain.

What are BLK tokens?

Please read our prospectus and/or company deck for more information on BLK tokens and how to be a part of the future of BlockState. 

Who are Fractal ID?

Fractal ID are trusted partners of ours who verify the identity of all investors using the BlockState platform. They are regulated under German law and experienced in handling sensitive information with care. If you have any concerns about the identity verification process, please write to us at [email protected] or head to their website for information on their privacy policy –

Where is BlockState based?

Blockstate is headquartered in the “Crypto Valley” Zug in Switzerland and has a business site in Berlin.

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