DCA - Decentral Calculation Agent

Providing immutable, automated financial data for a wide range of financial instruments.

API, Term-Sheet & Smart-Contract Ready


Benefit from an open-source, crowd driven, evaluated pricing source, intra- and end-of-day pricing feeds for full tick data.


Global coverage of millions of securities, assets in over multiple exchanges and geographies, with 10+ year history data.

Fixed Income

Bond pricing and volumes from over thousands of contributors and exchanges.

Foreign exchange pricing data

Exclusive access to specialist data and the tools to manage trading risk and operations, identify new opportunities and differentiate your forex trading strategies.

Commodities pricing data

Asset pricing services providing comprehensive and unique data, analytics and news to help you discover more profitable trading opportunities.

Risk Data

A wide range of data and services that help to power global risk mitigation and regulatory reporting systems, workflows and processes.


A digitized solution for a new age of Finance

Our Decentral Calculation Agent enables a new generation of financial instrument, smart-contract, on-chain.

It also bridges inherent immutability, transparency and validation from the blockchain to the traditional financial world.

  • Low-cost traditional calculation agent role due to digitized infrastructure and open-source data sourcing and validation
  • Tailored, automated calculation for more complex financial instruments form CoCos to Commodity Deriavaties


All in a digitized solution that can be tailored to your needs.


Conflict-free by design

DCA does not use a centralised architecture to maintain, curate and validate its calculations.


Instead, a group of crowd-based data validators and analysts enable a crowd-validation and curation approach, similar to what Wikipedia did to a broader information spectrum: open and democratise access while maintaining and increasing the quality and offering.


If disputed occur, we follow the dispute resolution procedure that the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) has outlined in order to guide counterparties through what can be a complex process.


Price Oracle for Tokens – first use-case

DIA is used for digital asset valuation at Berlin based company Neufund.

MiFID II + Blockchain: A love story

The DCA solution: an immutable ledger, high-quality crowd-sourced data and high security standards.

Through DCA’s modular set-up and high-quality, immutable reference data, we help you clients meet MiFID II transactional reporting a reporting requirements.


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