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The CTF15 is the easiest, safest and most cost-efficient way to invest in crypto-assets.

Best-in-class crypto strategy

  • Daily liquidity
  • 1,5% management fee
  • No hidden fees
  • Transparent pricing
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Cost efficiency

1.5% management fees. 0% performance, redemption or subscription fees.

100% asset backed

The CTF15 is fully backed by assets, reducing default risk to an absolute minimum.

Daily liquidity

Subscriptions and redemptions can be arranged through your personal bank.

Maximum security

Secure, decentralised storage with software and hardware protection measures.

Full transparency

CTF15 offers full transparency of the liquidity and all assets held in the strategy.


Easily access the CTF15 via your broker or personal banking depot with our ISIN.

Investor benefits

The CTF15 is a regulated, transparent and accessible investment solution for qualified investors to gain exposure to the growth of the 15 largest crypto assets. The strategy will be fully rules-based and follows the tried and tested principles of passive investing.

Performance | CTF15 vs. BTC

Backtested, Hypothetical CTF15 Token Development*
* The illustrated line of the CTF15 strategy represents a hypothetical, back tested and unaudited return stream that does not represent the returns of an actual account. Strategy performance does not include the fees and expenses that are charged by the strategy. Actual returns may differ materially from hypothetical, back tested returns. Back testing is calculated by retroactively applying a financial model or weighting methodology to the historical data to obtain returns. Please refer to additional important disclaimers (see website footer).

Key facts

Rebalancing Monthly
Asset class Certificate
Portfolio structure Full replication
Number of holdings 15​
Currency EUR​
Domicile Guernsey​
Minimum investment EUR 10.000
Management fee 1,5%
Subscription fee 0%
Redemption fee 0%
Performance fee 0%
Dealing information
ISIN CH0421235752
Listing Vienna Stock Exchange
Frequency Daily
Paying Agent ISP Securities AG​
Asset Manager BlockState AG
Custodian BlockState AG
Calculation Agent BlockState AG

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The CTF15 employs best-in-class traditional passive investment methodologies, adjusted to the crypto market.

BTC 30%
ETH 25.5%
XRP 15.2%
BCH 5.7%
LTC 4.8%
EOS 3.9%
BNB 3.1%
USDT 2.9%
ADA 1.7%
XLM 1.7%
XMR 1.4%
TRX 1.3%
DASH 0.9%
XTZ 0.8%


The number of assets in the CTF15 is fixed at 15 crypto assets. The eligibility is defined by the order of market capitalisation. Prices are sourced from a variety of crypto asset exchanges as detailed in our CTF 15 methodology documentEach crypto is capped at 30% maximum exposure to ensure sufficient diversification.​

Composition rules

The CTF15’s underlying constituent assets are valued using a decentralised, open-source pricing data sourcing methodology.

Liquidity rule

To ensure that constituents are sufficiently liquid to be traded efficiently, we measure the average daily traded volume (ADTV) of each constituent over the past 30 calendar days. To pass the liquidity test, the ADTV of an asset must exceed 0.25% of its market capitalisation on at least 24 days of the 30-day test period.


The CTF15 is reconstituted and rebalanced monthly on the first business day of each month. The period of one month has been chosen to ensure that developments in the fast-moving global crypto currency market are being captured timely and accurately.

Fork policy

Should a hard/soft fork event occur which affects a constituent of CTF15, then the strategy will be reconstituted 7 calendar days after the initial listing of the forked currency, if it fulfils the CTF15 inclusion criteria of market capitalisation and liquidity.

Blockstate Crypto Storage

Devoted to secure and compliant cryptocurrency storage, the coins and tokens that are the underlying assets of our investment strategies are stored on a multi-level cold and hot wallet storage system. Hot wallet storage is only used when necessary for routine business activities.

A team devoted to cryptocurrencies BlockState employs deep knowledge and experience to secure its platform:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Blockchain Audit
  • Insider Threat Protection
  • Secret Locations
  • Audited Operations

For more info on our custodian solution please contact us.

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