Smart asset financing

BlockState is a Swiss security token platform for non-bankable assets such as SME equity and debt or real estate. We digitise assets to directly connect issuers and investors.

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We unlock assets and create a new capital market.

More than 60% of the world’s assets are inaccessible* via traditional market infrastructure.

Information assymetry, high costs and large ticket sizes prevent access for many investors.

* Savills, McKinsey, Bloomberg, BIS

Tokenisation removes access barriers, making any asset investable for a global investor base.

Digitise ownership to your assets and start fundraising quickly, easily and at low cost.

We can tokenise virtually any asset class.

The range of unbankable assets is huge. We facilitate tokenisation for a range of asset classes from equities, real estate, debt to any other unbankable asset like commodities, art and more.

Real Estate
Unbankable Assets
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Tokenisation opens a quasi global investor base

By tokenising existing or newly created company stock, we provide a compliant legal for an equity backed token that enable full shareholder rights like voting and dividends as well as seamless investability and transferrability.

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Issue bonds fast, easily and at low cost

Tokenisation is not limited to equity or physical assets. Tokenising bonds enables you to raise debt capital much faster, easier and at lower cost than traditional infrastructure allows.

Real Estate
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Issue real estate to a global audience, effortlessly

Real estate can be inaccessible due to the locality of the asset class and the large ticket sizes. Digitising ownership using tokens backed by direct ownership, removes these constraints and opens new options for fundraising.

Unbankable Assets
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Tokenise anything - we make it possible

Many unlisted asset classes like seldom commodities, fine art and other unique high-value assets can be made accessible to a broader investor base, by fractionalising ownership and enabling digital transferrability.

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Why should you create a security token?

Security tokens digitally represent the ownership rights to your asset in the form of a smart contract, allowing streamlined digital issuance, management and transfer of ownership.

Easy security issuance

Whether tokenisation or a certificate wrapper – we will securitise your assets as efficiently as possible.

Seamless investor onboarding

Together with our partners we cover every step from KYC/AML to signing shareholder agreements.

Any asset class

Tokenisation is possible for any asset class. Be it equity, debt, real estate or alternative assets like minerals or art.

Regulatory compliance

Our STO platform is fully regulated by the high standards of the Swiss financial regulatory body.

Effortless management

We provide interfaces to help you intuitively manage your investors and any coprorate actions and reporting.


By digitising ownership, the transfer of assets between parties becomes as easy as sending an email.

Effortless, digital lifecycle management.

Financial product issuance can be opaque and challenging. Our issuance-, management- and reporting dashboards take the complexities and manual labor out of lifecycle management and make your job a lot easier.

Issuance dashboard

In a step by step process, we guide you through the definition of your STO and generate a legally binding smart contract to tokenise your assets.

Management dashboard

Manage your investors directly via a full shareholder registry with integrated communications and corporate actions features.

Reporting dashboard

Automate your reporting and analytics by generating and disseminating full financial reports directly to shareholders and regulators.

Get your STO live in as little as 10 weeks.

The BlockState platform provides the technological backbone, legal framework and a strong partner network to cater to any individual issuance needs and bring your STO live within 10-12 weeks.


Project definition

In an initial review we determine the scope and ideal strategy to tokenise your assets.


Legal setup

Next, we draft up all legal documents like termsheets, shareholder agreements and a prospectus.


Technical setup

On the basis of these definitions we create a smart contract and investor onboarding including KYC/AML.



Once the technical setup is done, the token can be issued and investors can subscribe to it.

Targeted investor type


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